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MA in English, Media and Cultural Studies


The Department of English Studies at SUB began its journey as a full-fledged department in 2003. The objective of the department is mainly to develop student’s English language proficiency, and intellectual and inter-personal qualities and characteristics. The programs offered by the Department are multi-syllabus-based combining language and literature courses in order to make career options wide and free ranging from teaching to media, government to multi-national jobs. Keeping this in mind the department offers Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in English curricula that are not only interesting but also provide a vibrant, stimulating and supportive study environment.




The M.A. in English, Media and Cultural Studies is a post-graduate program for students who have completed a B.A. program in English. This program is designed to expose the students to the current theories, methods, and trends of literature while imparting the necessary skills to navigate the literary world easily. Students will be able to critically analyze any form of text presented so they can excel in the study of literature, culture, media, and communication as well. Focusing on developing their skills, this program is designed to meet the requirements of 21st-century learners by emphasizing interdisciplinary studies on comparative literature, and cultural and media studies. 


M.A. in English, Media and Cultural Studies

Total credits to be completed


Number of credits for each course


Duration of the program

18 months

Number of semesters


Total number of courses


Semester-wise course load

05 + 05 + 05

Passing Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): 2.5



Amount (TK)

Admission Fee

20, 000

Total Tuition Fees

123, 750

Total Semester Fees

36, 000

Total Amount

179, 750



     Wide-ranging career options in academia, corporate, media, civil service, NGOs, etc.

     Updated Outcome-Based Education (OBE) curriculum

     Convenient schedule for professionals

     Opportunities to enhance theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience

     Stimulating and student-centered learning experience

     Interdisciplinary approach of comparative literature, media, and cultural studies

     Focus on original research and innovative thinking

     Scope to display and develop creative skills and critical thinking

     One-to-one student counselling and mentoring

     Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia and Wi-Fi

     Scenic campus located away from the crowds of the city

     Transport and accommodations for students

     Plenty of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

     Strong alumni network

     Diverse employment opportunities






Year 1

Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title

LIT 511

Shakespeare in the 21st Century

LIT 512

Contemporary Drama and Poetry

LIT 513

Latin American Studies

LIT 514

Contemporary Novel

TSL 513

Teaching Techniques: Strategies and Classroom practices







Year 1

Semester 2

Course Code

Course Title

LIT 521

Postmodern and Popular Literature

LIT 522

Contesting Identities: Gender and Sexuality

LIT 523

Critical Approaches to Translation Studies

LECS 521

Cultural Studies             OR

EMC 521

Remaking Shakespeare

TSL 527

Teaching Language through Literature








Year 1

Semester 3

Course Code

Course Title

LIT 531

Contemporary Nobel Laureates in Literature

LECS 531

Folklore and Ethnology          OR

EMC 531

Theatre Performance

LECS 532

South Asian Diasporic Literature        OR

EMC 532

Film, Photography and Painting

LIT 532


LIT 533

Seminar Paper & Presentation (Non-thesis)

LIT 534

Translation Project (Non-thesis)


     Translator: The degree will provide skills required to work as interpreter, translator in different national and international organizations such as, UNICEF, UNDP and others.

     Media and Journalism: Graduates can work as a journalist, reporter, or editor for print, online, or broadcast media organizations. With expertise in cultural studies, they can focus on cultural journalism, arts and entertainment reporting, or cultural analysis. 

     Publishing: Students can pursue a career in publishing as an editor, content writer, or literary agent. The understanding of media and cultural studies can be valuable in analyzing and shaping content that resonates with diverse audiences. 

     Advertising and Public Relations: Many companies and agencies require professionals who can understand and communicate effectively with different cultures. The knowledge of media and cultural studies can help graduates in creating targeted campaigns, managing public relations, or working as a cultural consultant. 

     Digital Marketing and Social Media Management: With the increasing importance of online platforms, organizations need experts who can navigate digital media and engage audiences effectively. The understanding of media and cultural studies can be valuable in creating content, managing social media campaigns, and analyzing audience behavior. 

     Higher Education: Teaching at the college or university level is another career option. With an M.A. in English Media and Cultural Studies, graduates can pursue a Ph.D. and become a professor or lecturer in English, media studies, cultural studies, or related disciplines. 

     Research and Analysis: Research skills developed during the master's program can be utilized in various research-based roles. This can include working for market research firms, cultural institutions, or government and non-government agencies. 

     Arts and Cultural Organizations: Museums, art galleries, cultural centers, and non-profit organizations (NGO) often require professionals with a strong understanding of media and cultural studies. Graduates can work in roles related to curation, program coordination, arts administration, or cultural events management. 

     BCS & Other Government Sector: Graduates can apt for the examinations of the public service commission and get a special benefit for their relevant skills. 

     NGO and Banking: NGOs and banking can be another option for the graduates of the degree. 

     Freelance Work: Graduates can also leverage their skills in writing, research, and analysis and work as a freelancer to offer services such as content writing, copywriting, cultural consulting, or academic editing.


    Candidates must have a second class/ CGPA 2.5 at every level of education.

    4-year BA (Hons) degree in English or related subjects (e.g. English Literature) from a recognized university OR

    3-year degree in English or related subjects with 2 years of teaching experience. 

Applicants who do not have the required educational qualification, but have a Bachelor’s degree in any other related subjects with teaching experience in English, need to take extra 12 credits and a complete total of 48 credits for the degree (Preliminary).



Cell: 16665, 01766663564




Tuition Fees

Particulars Amount
MA in English, Media and Cultural Studies 179,750 TK


*** Admission going on for Fall 2024 *** LLB Admission test will be held on May 11, 2024 *** LLB Admission form last submission date May 09, 2024 *** Congratulations! to all the newly enrolled advocates from the State University of Bangladesh ***
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