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SUB Library

SUB Library, since its inception in 2002 has been providing different sources of information and support for teaching, learning and research facilities to faculty members, students and employees of the University. Over the years, the Library has grown gradually expanded its services and has been using all its efforts to turn into a well-resourced modern Library.


The vision of SUB Library is to become a reputable leading research library in which information resources are created, protected, managed and used for research, teaching and learning.


SUB Library aims to achieve the following missions:

1.     To develop and deliver high-quality and innovative information services and resources to support quality research, teaching and learning.

2.   To provide all users access to a wide range of library resources including books, journals, periodicals, audio & video recordings, electronic databases, and other research materials that are significant for conducting academic research.

3.    To promote the library resources and services and provide user-oriented assistance in selecting, locating and using resources in an open and caring environment

4.     To provide the latest knowledge for students and faculty to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in their fields.

5.     To provide a conducive atmosphere wherein users may carry on their learning process with pleasure and comfort.



Bijoy Campus Library:

138, Kalabagan, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1205


Permanent Campus Library:

South Purbachal, Kanchan, Dhaka-1461




To achieve the mission SUB Library provides services seven days a week to users.  Opening hours of SUB libraries are set to match the need of users.


  Library Hours:

Saturday – Wednesday

8:00 AM-8:00 PM


8:00 AM-2.00 PM


9:00 AM-5:00 PM



SUB Library has at present around 13,000 books of 7,000 titles, 900 journals, 1200 theses, 200 audio-visual materials and 300 magazines.


Subscribed Newspapers

SUB Library subscribes to the following three national daily newspapers. Newspapers are preserved for six months in the Newspaper Section of SUB Library.

01.  The Daily Prothom Alo

02. The Daily Bonik Barta

03. The Daily Bangladesh Pratidin

General Rules for Library Users

     Students who have the valid ID cards are eligible to receive the Library materials.


     The students can borrow three books for 07 days at a time. But the students of the Architecture Department are not eligible to borrow any book from the Library. They can take the book for photocopy service after submitting SUB ID card for an hour. They may use the resources within the Library.


     If a student fails to return items in time, a fine of Tk. 5 per day will be charged for each book.


     Fine will be calculated from the due date mentioned on the book card of the material.


     While returning, books which have been torn/damaged or have pages missing will not be accepted. In that case, the current price for each book will be charged.


     Students are not allowed to borrow books marked with ‘R’. They can take the book for photocopy service after submitting SUB ID card for an hour.


     Writing or marking on the books is strictly prohibited. Any sort of mutilation will cause replacement.


     In case of any lost item, students have to purchase a new one for replacement or pay double the current price.


     Personal possessions may be kept in the bag counter against a token but users must not keep money, mobile phone or other valuables there. The library authority will not take the responsibility for loss or damage of items.


     Personal possessions except dairy/khata, geometry box, calculator, pen and pencil will not be allowed inside the Library.


     If the token is lost, Tk. 100 will be charged as penalty. In addition, the user must provide proper evidence to get back his/her belongings.


     Eating food inside the library is strictly prohibited. 


     Students should keep issued books outside the Library.


     Students should keep calm and quiet inside the Library.


     Mobile phones of users must be switched off or at least set to silent mode before entering the Library.


     Students must treat the library staff and other visitors with respect and courtesy. The University will not tolerate impolite or antisocial behavior.


     Library authority will take actions against anybody who violates Library rules or the environment.


1.     Anjan Chandra

     Assistant Librarian


      Phone: 01766662984, 01716561261



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