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Maliha Afroz Nitu


BArch ( BUET), MSc ( USYD, Australia)

Born and brought up in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Maliha Afroz Nitu completed her Bachelor of Architecture from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). After graduation, she started her professional career as a practicing architect with renowned architectural consultancy firms including Cubeinside Design Limited, and FORM.3 architects. Throughout her professional career, Maliha has been recognized for her outstanding design ideas and has been awarded in several national design competitions including- 1st place in the National design competition ‘Conservation of Old Dhaka Central Jail History, Historical Building and Development of Surrounding Area’ (with FORM.3 architects, 2018); Commendation award at national design competition- “Open Architectural Design Competition For IEB Convention Center” ((with FORM.3 architects, 2017). After practicing for four years in the field, Maliha was awarded the ‘Australia Awards Scholarship in 2018, one of the most prestigious international scholarships. Under this scholarship, she pursued her post-graduation degree from The University of Sydney in Masters of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design) (High-performance Buildings). During her master's degree, she was awarded the Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance and John Dixon Prize in Sustainable Design. This Master's degree at The University of Sydney has helped her broaden her perception of theoretical knowledge in this field. To advance her career in sustainable design she successfully completed her LEED Green Associate certification exam in 2021 and is currently preparing to become a LEED AP. Having experience from both academic and practical fields, Maliha holds a special research interest in the topics of Biophilic Design, energy-efficient retrofitting design strategy, and Human Nature Connectedness in Architecture and associated areas. Currently working as a lecturer at the State University of Bangladesh, Maliha wishes to continue her journey as a researcher, architect, and traveler.
01.A Biophilic Design Approach for Improved Energy Performance in Retrofitting Residential Projects.
Authorship: Main Author
Status: Published (21st March 2022)
Journal Name: MDPI Sustainability

02.A biophilic Design approach to develop the Cultural Landscape of the Old Dhaka Historical Area.
Authorship: Main Author
Status: Decision in Process 

03.Understanding the benefits of low carbon retrofit design strategy: A case study to demonstrate the improved performance of an existing building in terms of energy consumption.
Authorship: Main Author
Status: Work on Progress

04.Rethinking Housing as Block Development: A qualitative demonstration of Housing for the Middle Income Group of People in Tropical Countries. 
Authorship: Main Author
Status: Work on Progress

05.Water sensitive design proposal for the sustainable built environment- Residential Apartments in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Authorship: Co- Author (In collaboration with the University of Sydney). 
Status: Work on Progress


      Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) to commence study at The University of Sydney, Australia. Awarding institution: The University of Sydney

       Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance.  Awarding institution: The University of Sydney

       John Dixon Prize in Sustainable Design.  Awarding institution: The University of Sydney



       Commendation - Dhaka North Civic Center and DNCC Tower at Gulshan-2. (With Form. 3architects, Year-2021)

       1st Prize- “Historic Preservation and Landscape Design of Old Dhaka Central jail and Redevelopment of Surrounding Area” 

(With Form. 3architects, Year-2018)

     Commendation: IEB Convention Center – The Urban Rendezvous Point, Ramna, Dhaka (With Form. 3architects, Year-2018)


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