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Asrafun Naher


BSS (Hons.), MSS in Television, Film and Photography, University of Dhaka

Asrafun Naher is a lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Communication, and Media Studies, State University of Bangladesh. She is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in journalism, academic research, and content creation. With extensive experience as a broadcast journalist at Dhaka University Television Studio, she has honed her skills in storytelling and media production. Additionally, Asrafun has contributed as a research assistant to various academic projects at Dhaka University, showcasing her dedication to academic pursuits. Her career also includes significant roles as a content writer at RedOrange Communications, where she has worked on projects for esteemed organizations such as Save the Children, Mondiaal FNV, ETI Bangladesh, and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bangladesh. Notably, Asrafun has been involved in documentary projects of societal significance, including "The Rights of Transgender in Islam" with Bandhu Social Welfare Society and the award-winning documentary "Bangabandhu and Dhaka University," which received the prestigious Best Documentary Film accolade at the National Film Award in 2022. With her multifaceted expertise and commitment to excellence, Asrafun Naher continues to make impactful contributions in her field.
  • Recipient of the Student Fellowship Award 2020 by Bandhu Social Welfare Society;
  • Selected to take part in the USAID-organized Media Tour Sylhet;
  • Recipient of a Government Scholarship based on Academic Excellence.


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