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Dr. Marzia Bilkiss


PhD, School of Environment and Science (Griffith University, Australia), M.Sc., B.Sc. Ag. (Hons.) (Bangladesh Agricultural University)

Dr. Marzia Bilkiss is currently working as a lecturer at the Department of Environmental Science. Her research areas cover mainly Plant-pathogen molecular interaction and development of diagnostic method; agriculture & ecology and the interaction between the two. Her research interests encompass also climate change, pollution and their impact on biodiversity. She earned her PhD from Griffith University, Australia in School of Environment and Science; MS in Plant Pathology and BSc. in Agriculture from Bangladesh Agricultural University. Some of her research outcomes have been published in high impact international journals. Dr. Marzia aspires to develop applied research solution in agro ecology sector and create an expert team for accelerating Bangladesh towards sustainable development.
Research Publications

  1. Bilkiss M, Shiddiky MJA and Ford R (2019) Advanced Diagnostic Approaches for Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens of Temperate Legumes With a Focus on Botrytis spp.. Frontiers in Microbiology 10:1889. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01889 
  2. Faysal AA, Mian Y, Rahman MM, Akter M, Rahman M, Tuhin TH and Bilkiss M (2018) In vitro thrombolytic activity, antioxidant and cytotoxic properties of fruit extracts of Ficus erecta (Thunb.). Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 12(4): 50-54. DOI: 10.5897/JMPR2016.6068 
  3. Bilkiss M, Akhter R, Islam M M, Khalil, M I and Meah, M B (2016). RAPD analysis of phomopsis fruit rot resistance in eggplant advanced lines. Journal of Bioscience and Agriculture Research, 06(01): 530-540. DOI: 10.18801/jbar.060115.63 
  4. Tahia F, Rahman M, Bilkiss M, Sikder MA and Rashid MA (2016) Wild Cinchona (Neolamarckia cadamba) – Bioactivities of a Medicinal Plant of Bangladesh. Bang. Pharm.J.19(1): 33-37. DOI:
  5. Parvin N, Bilkiss M, Nahar J, Siddiqua MK and Meah MB (2016) RAPD analysis of Sclerotium rolfsii isolates causing collar rot of Eggplant and Tomato. International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology. 6(1): 47-57. DOI:
  6. Aktar S, Bilkiss M, Tahia F, Sikder MA, Rashid RB and Rashid MA (2015)  Bioactivities of Chukrasia tabularis (A. Juss.) Bang. Pharm. J. 18(2): 126-131. DOI: 

Conference Publications

  1. Bilkiss M, Bar I, Brownlie J, Shiddiky MJA, Ford R (ComBio 2018, Sydney). Towards the development of point-of-care electro-catalytic biosensors for diagnostics of Botrytis spp. of the temperate legumes. Poster Presentation. ComBio 2018, Sydney, Australia. 23-26 September 2018.
  2. Bilkiss M, Shiddiky MJA, Masud MK, Sambasivam P, Bar I, Brownlie J, Ford R (Australasian Plant Pathology society Conference 2019, Melbourne).  Specific and sensitive electrochemical detection of Botrytis spp. in temperate legume crops. Oral presentation. APPS-2019, Melbourne, Australia. 25-18 November 2019.
  3. Bilkiss M, Shiddiky MJA, Masud MK, Sambasivam P, Bar I, Brownlie J, Ford R (ICPPPS 2020: International Conference on Plant Physiology and Plant Science). Electrochemical biosensor for the detection of Botrytis spp. in temperate legume Crops. Oral presentation. ICPPPS 2020, Zurich, Switzerland. 13-14 January 2020.
  4. Ford R, Bilkiss M, Masud MK, Sambasivam P, Bar I, Shiddiky MJA (ICONN 2020: International conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology). Specific and sensitive nanoparticle-based electrochemical detection of Botrytis cinerea, damaging fungal plant pathogen. Oral presentation-ICONN 2020, Brisbane, Australia. 9-13 February 2020. 

  1. National Science and Technology Award: NST Fellowship (2012) from Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.  
  2. Tim Healey Memorial Scholarship:  Tim Healy Memorial Scholarship (2017-2021) by AW Howard Memorial Trust Inc, South Australia Research and Development Institute, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
  3. Griffith University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (GUIPRS) and Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (GUPRS) for PhD study (2017-2021).


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