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Nurur Rahman Khan

Professor (Adjunct Faculty)

Partner at Tanya Karim N.R Khan And Associates

Nurur Rahman Khan is a partner at Tanya Karim N.R Khan And Associates, an architectural firm spearheading contemporary thoughts in Bangladeshi architecture since 1991. The works of TKNRK have been nominated for prestigious awards and they have also won national and international competitions. Nurur Rahman Khan has also lectured widely both at home and abroad. He has also taught at numerous universities over the last 29 years. He has authored two books, one ‘The Assembly Building’, which was published on the 100th birth anniversary of Louis I. Kahn and the other titled ‘Muzharul Islam: Selected Drawing’, the first book on Islam with an extensive collection of drawings of his works.
  1. A presentation on Louis Kahn’s Assembly Building in Theatres of Decolonization, 1995.
  2. Author and presenter of the paper, ‘A Question of Change’ at the UIA congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 2005.
  3. Author and presenter of the paper, ‘The Bazaar Revisited’ at the UIA congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 2005.
  4. Author of the book, ‘The Assembly Building’ published on the occasion of the
  5. 100th birthday of Louis I Kahn, 2006.
  6. Author of the book, Muzharul Islam selected drawings.
  7. Presenter of the paper, Dhaka workshop, USW2DA, Dhaka, 2005.
  8. Author and presenter of the paper, ‘Place, Time and Education’, Commonwealth
  9. “The Foreigner” a lecture on Kahn’s work in the Subcontinent, Yale University, USA.
  10. “A critical review of Kahn’s work in Bangladesh”, Columbia University, USA.
  11. Presentation on the work of Architect Louis I Kahn, Architect Muzharul
  12. Islam and own, Catholic University of Washington, USA.


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