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Existing Principles of Granting Waiver on Tuition Fees only:  

1)    Merit Waiver:

(a)  H.S.C Current Year:

ü  GPA 4.00 to 4.49 will get 10%

ü  GPA 4.50 to 4.79 will get 25%

ü  GPA 4.80 to 4.99 will get 40%

ü  GPA 5.00 will get 60%

ü  GPA Golden 5.00 will get 100%

2)    Female Students will get additional waiver: 10%

Note:  To enjoy waiver in each subsequent semester a student shall have to earn minimum CGPA 3.50 in the semester final result and get registered within schedule time. However, if a student can not earn CGPA 3.50 in semester final result s/he will not be eligible for continuation of merit scholarship.


3)    Special Waiver:

(a)  Sibling / Spouse:  25%  (Any one)  

Note: No other waiver will be applicable.


(b)  Group / Corporate: 15% the marketing team will liaise with various organizations/educational institutes to get the prospective students. 5 or more students enrolled from a company/educational institute may be recommended for group waiver. Before admission the student will meet the departmental head and respective dean in group who will approve the group waiver.

Note:    No other waiver will be applicable.


(c)  SUB, SCHS students from earlier programs:  25%

Note: No other waiver will be applicable.


(d)  LABAID Family: 20%

(e)  Sports WaiverAs per performance.


4)    Special Waiver given by the heads of the Department:The head of the departments may recommend few deserving students for granting waiver. However the total number will not exceed 10% of admission. Applications of such students will be reviewed & considered by a special board composed of Treasurer, Registrar and concerned HOD and headed by VC, BOT SUB.

Note: All students eligible for waivers will apply to the Deputy registrars of the campuses along with the relevant documents. After verification of the documents they will send the applications to the office of the Register for interview by the board.

Section SSC HSC Percentage

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